Viewing the Lifeless Body:

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A Coroner and his Inquests held in Nottinghamshire public houses during the nineteenth century 1828 to 1866

By Bernard V. Heathcote

Not for the faint-hearted! Drownings, overdoses, suffocation, poisonings, accidents in factories, on the railways, and even in a balloon:  all were dealt with by inquests under the 19th century Nottinghamshire coroner Christopher Swann.

During the 19th century most inquests were held in public houses and in the course of his work Swann must have visited more pubs than any other living person.  This book provides a completely different insight into the history of pubs and the enforcement of law and order.


“What an amazing book! It is a ‘must read’ for historians and is a wonderful insight into our past….” (Dr. Nigel Chapman, H.M. Coroner for Nottinghamshire)


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