Turning Back the Pages in Ravenshead

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By Philip Jones

Published in 2009 by Nottinghamshire County Council, this book contains a collection of images compiled by local historian and lifetime resident of the village, Philip Jones.

The book has 40 pages, 38 of which carry images, all in black and white, and reproduced to a high quality. The book provides a record of the history of Ravenshead, which is of wider interest than just to residents, current and past. There are several pictures of what the countryside looked like before the 1960s, when the area formed part of the parishes of Blidworth and the Liberty of Newstead. Of particular interest are the pictures of buildings no longer extant such as the Free Methodist Chapel built in 1864, which was reputed to be the smallest chapel in Nottinghamshire;  Newstead Hospital, opened in 1942 by the City of Nottingham as a TB sanatorium; and the old Post office which closed in 2000. On the back cover is an advert for the opening of the supermarket at Ravenshead on 18 February 1971, three days after the introduction of decimalisation in this country, showing the prices of goods in both the old and new currencies.

The book is available from https://www.inspireculture.org.uk/heritage/local-studies/books-sale/  It can also be bought direct from the author at 40 Regina Crescent, Ravenshead, Nottingham, NG15 9AE, price £5 including p.& p.

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