SLAPP, Joseph (of Bingham)

Photo:Mr Joseph Slapp of Bingham in 1960 at the time of his Golden wedding anniversary

Mr Joseph Slapp of Bingham in 1960 at the time of his Golden wedding anniversary

Courtesy of The Newark Advertiser

Royal Field Artillery

During the First World War, Mr Joseph Slapp of Bingham served as a sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery.

On the occasion of his Golden wedding Anniversary in 1960 the Newark Advertiser newspaper carried the following report:-

"A twenty-six day tour covering 3,500 miles on the continent was the golden wedding present from their son to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Slapp, of Tudor House, Bingham, who celebrated 50 years’ marriage on Sunday.

"The tour recalled for 74 years old Mr. Slapp an earlier one made under different circumstances – as a sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery in World War 1. During that war, his wife, Martha (now age 69) served as a nurse in Guildford (Surrey) war hospital. Earlier, she had attended the same preparatory school in Surrey as the present Lord Douglas. It was while she was at school – in 1908 – that she met her husband.

"The couple were married at St’ John’s Church, Hebburn-on-Tyne, CountyDurham, on November 6th, 1910. The bridegroom worked from 6am to 8am, had two hours off to get married, and went back to work until 6pm.

Mr. and Mrs. Slapp have lived in Bingham for 40 years, although Mrs. Slapp first lived in the village at the age of three, before her family moved to Netherfield and thence to Guildford. Mr. Slapp retired nine years ago after 32 years’ service on the railway. He is one of three Old Contemptibles living in Bingham.

Mr. and Mrs. Slapp’s son, who gained the distinction of being the first boy pupil at Bingham Church School to pass the examination for a Teachers’ Intending Scholarship. He is now an executive officer in the Foreign Office, stationed in Cheltenham.

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