The Firs Hospital, Nottingham, England: A Short History

Church situated at junction of Devon Drive with Mansfield Rd

Publication due - Mid October 2013

David Hallam-Jones

An A5 size, soft-backed, self-published book of approximately 30 pages with 4 illustrations.

Copies will be available from mid-October onwards through Sherwood Methodist Church, Devon Drive, NG5 2EN and possibly through some other “usual outlets” (subject to the necessary negotiations).

Price £5.00 (until 31December 2013) and £6.00 thereafter. In addition, a charge of £1.50 will be made for postage and packing although where a copy is (or copies are) collected from the church (by arrangement) no p&p charge will be made. Please see the Order Form below.

Any money raised through the sale of the book/s will go towards two things, either  Sherwood Methodist Church’s “Community Access Project” (involving the installation maintenance of a lift) or to provide initial financial help for local people who are either seeking work or who would benefit from help in getting started in a new job, e.g. help with fares, equipment etc. The latter would be made available via the Minister’s Discretionary Fund. Each individual purchasing a book (or books) will be asked to specify which of the options offered, they wish their money to be allocated to.

Prior to retiring, the author taught in The University of Sheffield’s School of Nursing & Midwifery. He has an interest in local history, generally.


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