Secret Nottingham

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New Book Out Now!

By Joseph Earp

“Every corner of Nottingham is rich in history and if the streets could talk they might tell of the people and events they have witnessed. Many ancient secrets have remained untold, such as the purpose of the great Viking ‘long-house’ found beneath the site of a demolished Victorian factory, and who built the ancient mound that once marked the site of the spot where a King of England raised his standard. Perhaps the city’s greatest secret of all lies beneath its streets; a labyrinth of over 500 man-made caves. Visitors to Nottingham are often told not to stamp their feet too hard as they never quiet know where they will end up. Father and son authors, Frank and Joe Earp, are privy to these and many more of Nottingham’s secrets. Come with them as they share their knowledge within the pages of this book”.


Available from all good book shops and also available on-line. The book can also be ordered directly from Amberley Publishing:

Telephone: 01453 847800

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