The Ruddington Bunny - A Poem

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Deep in the badlands betwixt Nottingham and Leicester     

There are tales of a beast and one great wrestler     

If you look around for clues as you drive on by     

Ruddington and Bunny will certainly catch your eye     

The signs are there to help all avoid its lair     

If you take the wrong path then you'll have to beware     

And whatever you do, don't go wandering the Moors     

Or you'll pay the highest price when you meet with its claws     

The wildest of beasts, such a terrifying sight     

Not one to tangle with on a moonlit night     

But for the Baronet, who tackled the mighty beast     

With his famous Flying Trippet and his rage unleashed     

Fleeing into the night the beaten monster vanished     

The villagers cheered, the demon was banished     

But as you walk down the lanes, you may hear a cry     

Or you may see the flicker of a shadow passing by     

You may have heard the rumours, you may think it’s funny     

But be sure you never meet with The Ruddington Bunny 

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