Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall

Photo:Dorothy Vernon

Dorothy Vernon

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by Charles Major

Did you know this book was a 1902 bestseller in America?   It's a historical romance set in Elizabethan times.   It is hard to fault Dorothy as a spirited and independent heroine.   Perhaps it shouldn't feature on a website dedicated to Nottinghamshire, but Haddon Hall is not far from the Nottinghamshire border, and it would be a shame to miss such a well-told tale.   The novel isn't historically accurate.   However, the dressing up and disguises are reminiscent of a Shakespearian play, which link it nicely to the right era.   I don't usually like historical novels, but this one was full of engaging characters and easily kept my attention.   Here's a challenge for you:  which historical novels relating to Nottinghamshire would you recommend?

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