Victoria Hospital Worksop, Contrasting old and new

By Mick Betts

We visited Worksop Library on 6 September 2012 to see the Worksop Heritage display and DVD of life in the Fifties, which was really interesting and informative, in fact our neighbour, Ron Barracliffe was featured. We were able to see many old photographs of the area and on a short tour of the town were able to visit the sites shown to see what it looks like today. This first shot shows the Victoria Hospital, Watson Road as it was c. 1920 then as it now looks. You will see that the hospital is no longer there, it disappeared in the nineties. This did bring back memories as we did use the hospital, when our daughter had an accident and needed their care. The site is now occupied by Asda,  Farmfoods and Home Bargains.

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Photo:Site of the former Victoria Hospital 2012

Site of the former Victoria Hospital 2012

Mick Betts

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Worked as a cadet nurse then trained as nurse at Victoria hospital between 1964 and 1974

By Robert charlesworth
On 18/04/2017

My comment is simply how sad and infuriating it is that such a beautiful old building has been demolished and replaced with one that is characterless. I'm afraid, though, that this is a common feature of our current environment. There is a bizarre converse situation. For many years Parkhill Flats in Sheffield was looked upon as a huge ugly blot on the landscape but in recent years, for some ridiculous reason, it has been given a Listed Building status.

By David Buffrey
On 17/12/2019

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