Public wash houses

Photo:Muskham St Laundry The Meadows Nottingham

Muskham St Laundry The Meadows Nottingham

In the days before washing machines in the home and bathrooms, Meadows residents used the public laundry on the corner of Bunbury and Muskham Streets to do their weekly wash and the public bathing facilities at the Portland Baths to wash themselves.

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I was born on Bunbury Street. The washouse on the corner of Bunbury and Muskham [Streets] was used by my mother once a week. You could wash there and dry your clothes. We used to go to Portland Swimming Baths because there was no bathroom in our house and they had baths there.

By Elyse
On 27/03/2012

i lived in bunbury st with my parents ronald witts and vera nee day have happy memories of my childhood there

By helen howe was witts
On 31/01/2013

I lived on Muskham st next door to the pub on the corner of Bunbury st, I remember going into the laundry for the first time - it seemed huge and the noise and steam was overwhelming to me at 5 years old - I remember there was a row of big white sinks along one wall. I was too scared to ever go in again.

By Ruby
On 23/07/2013

What was the name of the pub on the corner of Muskham Street and Bunbury Street 1950s?  Does anybody remember? 

By terry
On 04/09/2014

Terry, the pub was The Plumtree Arms. It's been turned into flats now, but the sign still stands, hidden by a large tree.

By Dave Shaw
On 16/12/2014

Plumtree arms


By Mark Dudley
On 17/12/2015

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