Newark Chess Club

Photo:Newark Chess Club on a Thursday evening at Balderton Working Men's Club

Newark Chess Club on a Thursday evening at Balderton Working Men's Club

Alexander Combie

Photo:Newark Library Chess Club on a Friday afternoon.

Newark Library Chess Club on a Friday afternoon.

Alexander Combie



Find the way to checkmate Black in 2 moves.

Chesters pub, Balderton - where Newark Chess Club meets

History and general information

By Alexander Combie

Newark Chess Club meets at the Chesters pub, 72 Main Street, Balderton on Tuesday evenings from September to May between 7:30pm and 10:30pm. It has its own website:

Nottinghamshire Chess Association has details of the history of the Nottinghamshire Chess League at the following website address:

Newark Chess Club has met at Chesters since September 2012. Before that it met at Balderton Working Men’s Club since 1998 or 1999, and before meeting at Balderton Working Men's Club it met at the Palace Theatre, the Southwell Racecourse, the King’s Arms, the Vine, the Royal Oak, the Wing Tavern and the Newark Working Men’s Club. Newark Chess Club used to be called East Notts. Chess Club.

Two of Newark Chess Club’s current members have been members of the club for over 20 years: Graham Ladds joined in 1986 and Alan Taylor joined in the 1970s, soon after the club was founded. Both of them as well as two former members, David Andrews and Nick London, have written local newspaper columns about chess. Newark Chess Club first played in the Nottinghamshire Chess League in the 1970s as a result of David Andrews’ efforts.

Newark Library had a chess club that met on Friday afternoons during 2012, but that isn't happening at the moment. However, it might start up again if there is enough interest.



If you're interested in chess, why not have a go at our April puzzle? (SEE PHOTO ON THE RIGHT.) Can you find how to checkmate Black in 2 moves?

You can send your answers to me via the 'Comments' button below.

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Comments about this page

This is my answer to the chess puzzle: 1. Rook to h8 check, King takes Rook, 2. Rook to f8 checkmate.

By Alexander Combie
On 03/07/2012



if ...Kh8 then Ktf6 checkmate revealed


if no king move then Rf8 mate

interested in possibly joining. I am 67. novice rated around 1150-1200 elo. Do you have many novice players at the club?

By Dennis Doyle
On 30/05/2017

Hello Dennis. Sorry for the delay in replying, but I haven't looked at this website for a long time. Your answer to my chess puzzle is correct and I didn't realise until you mentioned it that there was an alternative solution. Newark Chess Club welcomes players of all abilities, but we don't have many novices at the club at the moment. Newark Chess Club now meets at Newark Railway Sports & Social Club in Hatchets Lane in Newark. Its postcode is NG24 2AD. Newark Chess Club's secretary is Graham Ladds. His email address is Alexander Combie

By Alexander Combie
On 27/09/2017

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