Roman Nottinghamshire

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A history of ancient Nottinghamshire during the Roman occupation AD43-410

By Mark Patterson

This 300-page illustrated book is the first comprehensive guide to Nottinghamshire during the Roman occupation of Britain which started with invasion under the Emperor Claudius in 43AD and ended with the withdrawal of Roman military support for the province in 410AD. Although Nottinghamshire is not well known for its Roman presence - indeed until recently no part of a Roman building survived above ground anywhere in the county - the book shows that Nottinghamshire has produced a rich and fascinating array of Roman artfects and was home to dozens of Roman forts, villas, small towns and roads, including the Fosse Way. As well as dealing with antiquarian interest in the county in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, and the archaeology of the 20th and 21st centuries, Roman Nottinghamshire looks at some of the personalities involved in uncovering Nottinghamshire's hidden Roman landscape. These included Felix Oswald, who excavated Margidunum at East Bridgford for over 25 years; his son Adrian, who excavated two villas and the elusive small town of Ad Pontem on the Fosse Way; George Campion, who led the uncovering of a fort at Broxtowe in the 1930s; and T. Cecil Smith Woolley, who excavated the small town of Crococolana and found the exquisite but damaged portion of a ceremonial Roman cavalry helmet which is featured on the book's cover. Recent excavations of Roman communities in the Trent Valley, and the on-going controversy over the large villa at Southwell, are also discussed and show that the story of 'Roman Nottinghamshire' is far from over. 
Roman Nottinghamshire has received many positive reviews in local newspapers and magazines and is also to be reviewed in the Royal Archaeological Institute's periodical The Archaeological Journal. The author of Roman Nottinghamshire, Mark Patterson, is a Nottingham-based journalist and WEA tutor.
The book costs £11.99 and is published by Five Leaves Publications.It can be obtained from most local bookshops, from the publisher at or from inpress,       

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