The lost village of Dallington was located at Flawborough

Lost village

 The lost village of Dallington (writes Philimore*) was connected with the current village of Flawborough.

 He writes (p.69): "The village of Flawborough, which itself is scarcely more than a hamlet, includes a place called Dallington, now represented by a single farmhouse, which is not even named in the Ordnance maps, although the Commissioners of Doomsday [sic] Book found it then of sufficient importance to assign to it a separate entry in their record.

"Of Flawborough and Dallington, Dr. Thoroton characteristically remarks that the place had been purchased by Sir John Cropley, 'whose son hath been at great charge and loss to spoil a good lordship for corn by enclosing and depopulating it as we think.

"'Mr Cropley I see is now rebuilding some good farm houses, viz., 1675, but the lordship I doubt will not hastily recover its former state'.

"His prediction has been verified, fot it is only by courtesy that Flawborough can now be styled a village".


PHILIMORE, W.P.W "Notes on some of the deserted villages and churches of Nottinghamshire" pp.66-87 of BRISCOE, John Potter (ed.) Old Nottinghamshire (Second Series) (Nottingham: J. Derry, 1884)

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