Central Secondary School, Worksop

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Central Secondary School, Worksop' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Central Secondary School, Worksop' page
Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Central Secondary School, Worksop' page

By Pat Malkin

The school pictured was once the Central Secondary School, it was built in 1925.

It was the school I attended and shows the girls playground and the dinner hall.

Centralians were called “Central Sausages” by the Priory School and the Priory School was called “Priory Humbugs” by the Centralians.


The Central School had a house point system where pupils could either win points or lose them.

The photograph of the closed gate would mean that I was late and would have some house points docked, which didn’t go down very well with the other members of the house.


I was in the house of Watts, which was green; Chopin was yellow, Shakespeare blue, and Newton red.


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Comments about this page

I attended the Central Secondary Modern School from 1957-1960. Some of the teachers I remember were Mr. Kelsall(music) Mr Cole(Arithmetic). Miss Griffiths(English)a polish teacher who's name I can't remember, Mr Miles Mr Skelton Headmaster. There was also a married couple who's name I can't recall but she taught needlework. Great days when schools were a pleasure to attend

By Jim Charlesworth
On 15/11/2017

Mr and Mrs Mathers were the names you could not remember. There was also Mr Wetton taught art. I attende the central school in the late 50s and early 60s I was in chopin house we used to have merit cards on which points were given by staff for help given or good behavior. Happy days.

By Robert Charlesworth
On 04/12/2017

The Polish P.E. teacher was called Mr. Litegib. Mr Baily taught History. Mrs Brown girls P.E.

By Susan Lewis (Hibberd)
On 19/02/2018

I remember Mr Litgib. I think he was Austrian small fella very hairstylist. Introduced us to basket ball and gym equipment like parallel bars. I remember Sue Hibbard as well. I had a pal called john Hibbard was he related. Also Kenny Mitchell Ian Scott Graham Barnet. Linda Genders Jennifer Hopkinson. I lived on Waverley Pllace on Manton Estate. Happy Days

By Robert charlesworth
On 23/02/2018

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