1934 Christmas at Sissons and Son

31 - 33 Bridge Street, Worksop

Worksop Guardian

Advert/article published in the Worksop Guardian, Friday 30 November, 1934

As Christmas approaches, the predominant thought in almost every mind is preparation for a fitting celebration of the happiest Festival of the year. So much of the pleasure of Yuletide lies in the planning and arranging that the hard work it entails could never be called labour.

Christmas differs so much from any other season of jollification because of the ever-present atmosphere of kindliness and benevolence. No matter what the circumstance of the household may be, a special effort if always made to brighten the home and bring happiness to someone else in this season of goodwill.

There was once a Christmas spent in the midst of a Great Struggle, and for a while the hostile forces suspended their warfare because Yuletide had such deep meaning for both countries.  That combat ceased. And in its place came a battle against Poverty and Trade Depression, which, in turn, are now being beaten back. Great hope is held for Britain’s recovery and, with the trade revival which is now making itself evident, a new joy and feeling of thankfulness will be added to the celebration of this Christmas.

Philosophers know that it is in human nature to gain pleasure by giving pleasure to others, and surely, above all seasons, this is the season of gifts.  This brings us to another question so pressing and insistent that, it might almost mar our contented “Christmassy” feeling.  That question is, of course, “What shall I give So-and-So”? Sometimes you know just what to give, but if not, then it best to enter a shop where you can be sure of seeing something which, because of its novelty, beauty, or usefulness, is Just The Very Thing.  If you can examine a really wide range of gifts in the same establishment, there is, of course, more time to consider the choice of prospective purchases.


The wisest course is, in fact, to pay a visit to SISSONS AND SON, 31-33, BRIDGE STREET, WORKSOP, where you are certain to see exactly what you want for a Christmas gift.

Photo:Sissons and Son, 31 - 33 Bridge Street

Sissons and Son, 31 - 33 Bridge Street

Worksop Guardian

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