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Photo:Parish Register for Beeston 1720 - 1769

Parish Register for Beeston 1720 - 1769

Nottinghamshire Archives Ref:PR7584

Beeston Parish Register 1720-1769

By Nottinghamshire Archives

Parish Registers are created by the Church of England and include entries for individuals who have been baptised, married or buried within the parish.

The registers for Beeston date back to 1558 and are a rich source of information for people who are researching their family tree.

This register covers the period 1720 - 1769, with the example covering the early part of the year 1736 (new style). Notice that entries made up until 25th March are dated 1735. This is due to the Julian calendar which was in use at the time. Until the adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1752, the English year began on 25th March rather than 1st January.

The vicar, Thomas Trowell has expressed his opinion on his parishioners, for example, Ann Parrot was a "dissembling canting, Hollow presbiterian".


Transcript of Parish Register extract for Beeston, 1736 (new style) [part].

John the son of Thomas Butler Webster and Sarah his wife baptised February 2[n]d 1735

Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Leeson Frame-knitter and Mary his wife baptized feb[ruary] 2[n]d 1735-6

George Cook of the parish of Wilford frame – knitter and Mary Felton of the Parish of Beeston were married by vi[r]tue of a licence feb[ruary] 22th 1735-6

Thomas Egginton Labo[u]rer buried feb[ruary] the 24th 1735 – 6

Thomas Lacey Labo[u]rer and Sarah Brown spinster both of the parish of Beeston were married april the 1st day 1736 Bann’s published

Samuel Shelton, a poor lame young man buried april the 5th 1736

William the son of Thomas Henson Farmer and Eliz[abeth] his wife was baptized april the 13th 1736

Elizabeth the daughter of Matthew Lowe and Sarah his wife baptized may the 2[n]d 1736

Sarah the daughter of Henry Cox Farmer and Ann his wife was baptized May 30th

Elizabeth the daughter of John Pearson Labourer and Eliz[abeth] his wife was baptized june the 6th

Ann Parrot a dissembling, canting, Hollow presbiterian was buried June 18th 1736

                                                           Tho[mas] Trowell Vic[ar]


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