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Photo:Parish Register for North and South Clifton 1776-1777

Parish Register for North and South Clifton 1776-1777

Nottinghamshire Archives Ref: PR6087

Parish Register 1776-1777

By Nottinghamshire Archives

Parish registers are created by the Church of England and include entries for individuals who were baptised, married or buried within the parish. The registers for South Clifton date back to 1539 and are a rich source of information for people who are researching their family tree.

This register covers part of the years 1776-1777.

This register was written on parchment, which was expensive. See how the clerk has written around the hole in the centre of the page.

It is interesting that some of the entries omit the mother's forenames.


Transcript of Parish Register extract for North & South Clifton, 1776 and 1777

1776 [part]


Ann, the daug[hter] of Thomas & Elizabeth Cookm bapt[tise]d March 28th

Mary, the illegitimate daug[hter] of Frances Holland, bap[tise]d Apr[il] 2d

John, the son of Samuel & Mary Grub, baptiz’d Apr[il] 2d

William, the son of Nathan & Ann Gyles, bap[tise]d Apr[il] 27th

Susannah, the daug[hter] of John & Susannah Coddington, bap[tise]d June 2d

Elizabeth , the daug[hter] of Henry &  [blank] Prestwood, bap[tise]d June 2d

Thomas, the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Tattershall, bap[tise]d Septemb[e]r 6th

Elizabeth , the daug[hter] of William & [blank] Dixon, bap[tise]d Oct[obe]r 6th



Mary, the Bastard daug[hte]r of Ann Crowdock, bapt[tise]d Jan[uar]y 7th

William & Sarah, the twin chil[dre]n of Rob[er]t & Frances Ashton, bap[tise]d Jan[uary] 13th

Ann, the daug [hte]r of James & Sarah Martin, bap[tise]d Jan 13th

Christiana, ye daug[hte]r of John & Mary Farmery, bap[tise]d Jan 19th

James, the son of George & Mary Kirk, bap[tise]d Feb[ruar]y 19th

Ann, the daug[hte]r of John & Alice Jackson, bap[tise]d Mar[ch] 16th

Susannah, the daug[hte]r of George & Ann Foottit, bap[tise]d Mar[ch] 27th

Sarah, the daug[hte]r of William & Ann Curtis, bap[tise]d Mar[ch] 28th

Thomas, the son of Thomas and Ann Bonifant, bap[tise]d Apr[il] 6th

James, the son of William & Millicent Kent, bap[tise]d Apr[il] 20th

Mary, the daug[hte]r of William & Sarah Broadbent, bap[tise]d Apr[il] 27th

Mary, the daug[hte] of Robert & [blank] Dixon, bap[tise]d May 4th

Rebecca, the daug[hte]r of John & [blank] Fenton, bap[tise]d May 11th

Sarah, the daug[hte]r of John & Sarah Leechman, bap[tise]d May 10th

John Taylor, the Bastard son of Susaanah Jackson, bap[tise]d May 18th

Becky Watson, the daug[hte]r of John Watson of South Clifton Whitoore, by Ann

his wife, born the 19th of May & baptiz’d the 14th June

Sarah, the daug[hte]r of Rob[er]t Willey & Mary Willey his wife bap[tise]d July 27th

Jane, the daug[hte]r of Thomas & [blank] Spur baptiz’d Octob[e]r 2d

William, the son of Henry & Ann Taylor, baptiz’d Octob[e]r 5th

William, the son of Anthony & [blank] Gunby, baptiz’d Oct[obe]r 5th

Hannah, the daug[hte]r of James & Sarah Martin bap[tise]d Novemb[e]r 2d

Anthony, the son of Anthony & [blank] Robinson, bap[tise]d Nov[ember] 4th

Jane, the daug[hte]r of John & Mary Kent, bap[tise]d Novemb[e]r 21st

Sarah, the daug[hte]r of Sam[ue]l & Sarah Grub, bap[tise]d Decemb[e]r 11th


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