Roman villa at Cromwell

Pevsner (p.109) says that a Roman villa is known lying within an extensive complex of fields by the Trent, about half a mile from the village.  It has not, says Pevsner, been excavated.

Parts of a timber and stone bridge have been recovered from the Trent here - a date from the Roman period being likely, but not substantiated.

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This site has been trial-trenched at least once, possibly after Pevsner's comment. See the Nottinghamshire Historic Environment Record, Her number: M4282  The grid ref given there is SK80216254

As for the Roman bridge, there is now stronger evidence for a medieval origin rather than Roman though there hasn't had a thorough archaelogical investigation.




By Ludethedude Michalek
On 23/03/2020

The Bridge Remains have been confirmed as 8th Century. see Salisbury. C, in Antiquities Vol 69. Issue 266 1995).    No evidence has yet been found of a roadway leading from either end of the bridge.

By Jeremy Lodge
On 16/03/2021

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