Memories of many people

Are you or family mentioned - hoping so

By Roy Hardy

Hello everyone

This is my first posting on this site and I just wanted to see if I could jog a few memory banks amongst all of you Medders people.

I lived at No 3 Bosworth Terrace Briar Street with mum and dad (May and Sam Hardy - both sadly passed away) along with my brother John and sister Linda. Linda and I went to Bosworth Road then she went to Trent Bridge and I went on to Mundella (1962-1966). Linda is well and living in Bakersfield with husband David.

Many of the people I remember are. Carol Hall Jean Hancock Billy Green Peter Sparks the Herrod family who all lived in Bosworth Terrace. Clara and Ben at the chip shop, Joe and Madge Salmon at The Clifton pub, Jimmy and Annie Keeling at the Shippo's beer off, Mr Day the newsagent. The Fryer family, the Pemberton family, the Corden family the O'Dells, the Calladines and many more to post again.

Are there any former players for Bosworth in the 1961-1962 season when the school ran away with every sports trophy going? I have photos of the foottball team and the girls teams who also won everything they went for!!

If anyone would like a copy of either or both then just drop me an email via this site

The Meadows - they called it a slum but forgot it was a real community

Cheers all - Roy Hardy


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