Former Magnus Schoolboys Serving in 1915

By Adrian Carter



Magnus School - List of Old-boys who are serving: Newark Advertiser 20th Jan 1915
SurnameChristian Name(s)RankUnit
AblewhiteJ.C.CadetH.M.T.S. Ballarat
BaileyBasil E.Captain7th Sherwood Foresters
BettisonW.G. H.M.S. Pembroke
BlaggS. South Notts. Hussars
CampbellJ. Royal Naval Reserve
CarterC.T. 20th Hussars
CollettG.W. Royal Warwickshire
ColtonM.H.E. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
DavenportC. 8th Sherwood Foresters 
DrabbleA.B. Royal Army Medical Corps
DunnA.E.CommanderH.M.S. Gazelle
EganT.F. 8th Sherwood Foresters 
EllisA.H. Royal Warwickshire
FillinghamO. 20th Hussars
FisherS. Yorkshire Dragoons (Queen's Own)
FordH.W.Lt.Royal Navy
FordJ.E. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
FosberryG. Kitchener's Army  
FosterC. Singapore Engineers Corps
FosterG. South Notts. Hussars
GregoryG. 28th County of London (Artists Corps)
GreshamF.CaptainArmy Veterinary Corps
HammondH.S.E. Shropshire Light Infantry
HammondJ.W. Shropshire Light Infantry
HarmeyR.M. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
HarnessH. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
HarrisonW. 20th Hussars
HarstonE. Motor Transport, Army Service Corps
HarstonNoel Royal Engineers
HarstonS. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
HawstonE.W.Cpl. GuideCanadian Corps of Guides
HirstF.H. Ceylon Planters Rifle Corps
HirstP.A. Royal Army Medical Corps
HoultonE.W. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
HowittT.J. Royal Army Medical Corps (Terr.)
HunterS. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
KnightA.E. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
LacyW.H. Huntingdon Cyclist Battalion
LeaderR.J.C. Durham Light Infantry
MartinF. Royal Fusiliers
MartinG.E. Royal Naval Reserve
May  R.G.Lt.4th Sherwood Foresters 
MaynardA.H.2nd/Lt.14th Middlesex
MillsA. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
MillsT.G. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
MillsW.E.  Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
MossH. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
NealeC.J. Royal Field Artillery
NoakesC.2nd/Lt.Sherwood Foresters  
OldriniA.G. South Notts. Hussars
Parker W.E.  Middlesex 
PorterA.N. Sherwood Foresters
PorterT.H.M. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
PostillT.J. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
QuibellA.Captain8th Sherwood Foresters 
QuibellS.B.Captain4th East Yorkshire
RobinsonE.H.2nd/Lt.7th Shropshire Light Infantry
RobinsonH.H. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
RobinsonH.V. City of London Rifle Brigade
RobinsonJ.M. 3rd Sherwood Foresters
SammG.W. Royal Army Medical Corps
ScalesE.S.Lt.2nd Middlesex
SeftonCecil University and Public School Force (Royal Fusiliers)
ShortH. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
SmithE.T.C. Army Pay Corps
SmithT.R. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
SteelC.O. Sherwood Foresters
StewartJ.A.H. 8th Sherwood Foresters 
SteyhensonR.S. Australian R.N. Res.
TaylorW.B. Royal Fusiliers
TroutF. Civil Service Rifles
TuckerC.J. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
WaddingtonR. South Notts. Hussars
WalterS.H. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
WarnefordW.K.F.G. R.N. Air Squadron
WellingW.H. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
WestG. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
Whillock  Uganda Field Force
WillisO.P. 5th Royal Warwicks.
WoodH.W. South Notts. Hussars
WrightA.C. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
WrightW.P. Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry
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