Interesting early bi-plane pictured at Retford

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DeHavilland DH6 Airco in service with Midland Aviation Service Ltd in Retford

Registration G-EARR - Airco DH 6 (originally serial no. B 3067, Royal Flying Corps) B 3067 was one of a batch of 500 Airco DH 6 aircraft built by the Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Hendon during 1917 -1918 (B 2601-3100). Sold as Government Surplus in 1919 and given the civil registration G-EARR.

Registered to A. Patchett of Lincoln on 1st May 1920 Registered to Captain J.S. Hyde in November 1920 Registered to C. Hudson of Retford in May 1921, and used by the Midland Aviation Service Ltd. of Retford, for joy flying with Captain Jackson. Withdrawn from use on 27th May 1921, fitted with a new engine and put into store. Registered to C. Matthews of Wickham Bishops, Essex, in 1927. Registration later lapsed and presumably G-EARR was broken up.

The DH 6 was designed as a primary trainer for the Royal Flying Corps. Over 2000 were built by the Aircraft Manufacturing Company Ltd of Hendon and seven other main sub-contractors during 1917-1918. By 1920 most of these aircraft were withdrawn as redundant and replaced by a smaller number of Avro 504 trainers. When civil flying began after the war, over 50 DH 6s were sold ex RFC for civil use. Auction prices ranged from £60 to £100.

The strength of the DH 6, with ample spares available and very safe flying characteristics made it an obvious choice for instruction and joy-flying and it was widely used by many small flying concerns. However the post-war slump forced most of these small companies out of business and most DH 6s were eventually scrapped.

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Hello Brian! I am researching this airplane in general. Is there are more information avilable what happened with the remains after 1927? Any technical information? Thank you ! Peter 

By Peter Petrov
On 31/01/2020

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