Extracts from letters home in the first month of war

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Voices from the First World War

The following extracts are taken from a short article that appeared in the Newark Parish Church magazine (No.346, October 1914) quoting extracts from actual letters sent home during the first month after war broke out.  (The names of the individual correspondents or the recipients are not given):-

"I should so like to come to Newark for half an hour, it seems months since we left, but we must trust to God for our safe return..."

"I do wish you could see me and my chums have a dust up, it would be a cse of once seen never forgotten..."

"The Captain is a fine gentleman.  He talks to us just like a comrade..."

"I have met a few C.L.B. chaps and am being fed on bread and jam, but am not down hearted..."

"Don't forget to tell the boys that if any one of them is thinking of joining they won't get starved, and its not all bread and jam..."

"After all, who grumbles to be a soldier is a rotter..."

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