Postal Heritage gone overnight

By Pauline & Malcolm Marples

Over the years we have taken a number of photos of the wonderful Penfold Piller Box at Budby, Nottinghamshire. Even driving past on the A616 Worksop Road we have glanced up the Lane to see the box. Can you imagine what we felt when a recent email was sent to members of the Letter Box Study Group saying the box had been stolen!

On Tuesday 4th April 2017 we went to Budby to investigate, and sure enough the box was gone and all that remain are lumps of broken concrete.

On speaking to a local resident we learnt it had been taken overnight on the 3rd March. It would have required heavy machinery and transport to haul it out of the ground and move it, and in this quiet country village it is surprising that thieves were able to do this without being seen or heard.

It has been suggested the box could already be miles away but who could want it more than the people of Budby and Nottinghamshire?

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Created: 03/02/2015;

Photo:The Penfold Pillar Box standing proudly in Budby village 2/2/2015

The Penfold Pillar Box standing proudly in Budby village 2/2/2015

M & P Marples

Photo:The Penfold Pillar Box has gone

The Penfold Pillar Box has gone

P Marples

Photo:All that remains

All that remains

M Marples

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