Nottinghamshire Sayings

Converted to English

By Alan Higgins





Ahmoff omnaw


I've decided to go home now


Ahveot messen


I seem to have injured myself.


Am gooin wi mi sen


I'm going alone.


Am tellin yammam!


Your Mother shall hear of this incident!


Aya gorrah weya?


Is your wife accompanying you tonight?


Ay-up midduk


Hello and good day sir or madam.


E waint wok


He is reluctant to undertake any form of gainful employment


Ennyonya gorrennyonya?


Does anyone have a cigarette?




I don't believe you!


Gerrofmeshed yermankygit


Next-door's cat is eyeing up my pigeons.


Gerronn wee-it


Please proceed with your activity!


Gerrup on kawsi or ahll bat yer tab!


Please step up onto the pavement or I'll have to repremand you by striking you on the side of the head




Please desist immediately from what you are doing




Can I have some?




Can I have a turn?


Grrummin thenn


It's your round


Ha ya harking?


Are you listening?


Iffiwacummin iddabinair banah


If he was planning to be present then he would have been here by now




I will smack you at the side of the head


Intitt koad?


It's cold today isn't it?


Ismissus isanos


His wife is a nurse


Its koad aat,


It is extremely cold outside.


Itwerr krapp!


It was not very good!


Izzit brok


Is this thing broken?




Do you realise?


Letseysum snap


Shall we go for something to eat?


Mard arse!


Miserable person


Owdya orsuzz!


Please be patient!


Owya goinonn then serri?


Are you in good health my friend?




Shut up/close mouth


Shuttya gobb!


Please be quiet!








It is not inside the metal container.




Instructions from bus conductor Hold on tight.


Towdya towdya enybody ot ya?


Told you to hold on tightly, has ayone sustained an injury?


Wairza booza?


Can you direct me to the local public house?




What is wrong?


Wott yonnwee?


What are you doing?




Do you want something?




You are dirty


Yo jammi sodd!


You lucky person


Yo-abitt leereh


You have a high opinion of yourself.


Yowl koppitt


You will get into trouble


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