Coddington windmill

The first known reference to a mill in Coddington dates from 1579 when a mill was built for Thomas Leonard.  This, however, may refer to a post mill, rather than the surviving mill.

The mill had a verse inscribed on the bolter:- "Brush me well and keep me clean/ the work I'll do will soon be seen/ But I am like ladies fair/ I love to dress I do declare"


The mill we see today (pictured) probably dates from c.1859.

In 1862 William Lee installed a 10hp steam engine to allow working on non-windy days.

The Lee family are known to have been associated with the mill from as early as 1832, and were still working it in 1942 when one of the sails broke off and it ceased operations.


The mill was sold at auction in 1983 and converted for residential use.  The colour picture on this page shows the mill shortly after sale.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Coddington windmill' page
Photo:Coddington Windmill in September 1984

Coddington Windmill in September 1984

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