A Notts Zeppelin destroyer

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In 1916, a Mr Smith of Long Eaton near Nottingham submitted details to the government of an invention of his which could deal with the Zeppelins that were wreaking havoc in night raids on towns and cities.

His suggestion was given due consideration by a Committee of the government's 'Advisory Panel of Scientific and other Experts', and a reply sent to Mr Smith from the Supervising Examiner for the Comptroller of Munitions Inventions (Ministry of Munitions).

In part, this letter reads

".... the idea of guiding torpedos to Zeppelins by magnets is not new and.... there are no features in your devices of sufficient military value to justify me in recommending it to the Authorities.

"In view of this report, I do not propose to take any further action in the matter, but I desire to thank you for bringing the same to the notice of this Department".

[This letter, dated 5th September 1916, is held at Nottinghamshire archives DD2201-20-12].

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