A History of the Nottinghamshire Miners Vol. 4 (1980-1985)

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The Nottinghamshire Miners and the 1984-85 Miners' Strike

By David Amos

This publication (Vol. 4) covers a history of the Nottinghamshire Miners Trade Unions from 1980 to 1985 and complements the work of the late Nottinghamshire mining historian, Alan R Griffin, who wrote two histories of the Nottinghamshire Miners Trade Unions; Vol. 1 (1881 - 1914) published in 1955 and Vol. 2 (1914 - 1944), published in 1962.  It is based on a PhD research degree by the author which was submitted to the University of Nottingham early in 2012

The main part of the study covers the traumatic events from October 1983 with the start of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) overtime ban, through the year long strike from March 1984 - March 1985, and the eventual split in the NUM following the strike which resulted in the formation of the Nottinghamshire based Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM) in December 1985. 

In the book a case is put that far from being the blacklegs of "Spencerite mythology" it can be argued that the majority of the Nottinghamshire Miners in 1984-85 adhered to time honoured custom and practice in line with moderate traditions within the NUM and their stance taken during the 1984-85 strike was a rebellion against what was considered an unofficial and unconstitutional strike not in line with traditional and understood past practices.  It shows that the issue of collective identity in the NUM was a very complex one; in the absence of a national ballot vote solidarity did not come naturally.

Volume 3 of a History of the Nottinghamshire Miners Trade Unions (1945 - 1980) will follow.  


The book , priced at £13.99, can be obtained from the following outlets;

DH Lawrence Heritage Centre, Eastwood      (01773) 717353

Bilsthorpe Heritage Centre & Museum -  Contact Andrea Swallow (Secretary) on (01623) 871201

Bestwood Winding Engine House - (01159) 762422

Mansfield Museum -  (01623) 463088

Union of Democratic Mineworkers -Contact  Bev Guilor on (01623) 541407 

Kirkby Heritage Centre - contact Chris Kidger on (01623) 722806

Pleasley Pit site - contact Walt Edson or Nev Buckle

The author on (07914) 373745 or by e-mail at david.amos99@ntlworld.com  

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