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Notts WordDefinition
Mucky UcknaHucknall
WoodahsWoodhouse (as in Mansfield)
Twitchell; JittyNarrow passageway
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The Canch,Worksop

The only use I have ever found for this was in Swaledale, Yorkshire: "Rectangular layer of hay when cut from the mew". If correct this probably means the fields around the priory were used for agriculture.

Thievesdale, Worksop

Probably little to do with robbery but more than likely from Theave meaning either 1: a lamb or 2: 24 battens of ling (heather) used for thatching (most of Bassetlaw had heather moorland until quite recently)

By Penske Sixsixsix
On 07/12/2010

How about 'Ginnel' (= 'General' [access/way]) for 'narrow passageway? As used by my wife from Mansfield!

By Ralph Lloyd-Jones
On 22/02/2011

I believe that 'Mucky Huckna' did not refer to Hucknall Torkard, as might be assumed, but to Hucknall under Huthwaite, now more usually known as 'Huthwaite'.

By Derek Walker
On 19/12/2011


On 26/01/2012

Derek Walker is right: Mucky (or Doorty) Huckna was Huthwaite. Note that there were three Hucknalls, Hucknall Torkard itself, Hucknall-under-Huthwaite and Annesley Hucknall. After about a thousand years of confusion and people, horses, oxen, post and parcels going to the  wrong place, these were finally (1970s?) given their current, unambiguous names. Don't get me started on Ault Hucknall (which is in Derbyshire).

By Ralph Lloyd-Jones
On 26/09/2013

'Durty Hucknall' is mentioned in the 1662 perambulation of Sherwood Forest boundary. It was near Huthwaite but this is listed as a separate place ('Hothwait'). The 1774 Chapman map shows Hucknall as just being to the west of Huthwaite. I would assume it was absorbed into Huthwaite as it expanded.

By Albie Ontour
On 26/09/2013

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