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Our April 2011 Issue

Steve Bennett

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By Steve Bennett

How it all began

Following the demise of the 'Mission News' church newspaper in 1977, a local community worker came up with the idea of a community newspaper for Ollerton & Boughton to encourage the feeling of community & community spirit within the two villages. With the help of a £90 bank balance - a gift from the Mission News which had folded the previous year - and a handful of church volunteers and distributors, 'Roundabout' was born.

It took its title originally from the A614 roundabout in Ollerton and the fact that it wanted to publish news round about the village. The name 'Roundabout' came to represent life being like a roundabout or merry-go-round, with its ups & downs and people coming & going. Its aim was and still is, to offer a forum to residents of Ollerton & Boughton, to voice their concerns & opinions on local issues and to enable local clubs, societies, associations and services a forum to be keep residents aware of what is happening and of interest in the community.

Along with help from the Communtity Developement Project on Hallam Road, community workers and volunteers, the first 'trial' edition of 'Roundabout' was produced on the 17th June 1978 and distributed to residents at the Children's Gala event. Following the successful reception to this trial edition from local residents, the first 'full' edition of 'Roundabout', containing 8 pages, was produced and distributed to residents in September 1978.

Over the years there have been many changes to the style & size of 'Roundabout', including the introduction of colour, but one thing that has not changed is the devotion & enthusiasm of a succession of unpaid volunteers, who distribute each edition of the newspaper. After over 30 years, it must be one of the longest serving community newspapers in Nottinghamshire and possibly the country.

You can catch up on all our local news at the Roundabout website http://www.roundaboutonline.co.uk/

Sheila Scott
Editor - Roundabout Community Newspaper

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