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Photo:Advert from The Nottingham Daily Express, 30th March 1907

Advert from The Nottingham Daily Express, 30th March 1907

The company was established in 1891 by Robert Cripps

Biography: Robert Cripps (1863 - 1925)

  • A noted racing cyclist
  • A member of the Nottingham Bicycle Club
  • A Freemason (Thoresby Lodge)
  • A Member of Nottingham City Council in 1919

Robert Cripps died in July 1925 aged 67 whilst on a golfing holiday in Skegness (Nottingham Guardian 13th July 1925)

Company History

  • 1891 company founded
  • 1894 Trade directories record R. Cripps as a bicycle machinist at 26 William Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham
  • A partnership with Thomas Humber (of bicycle and motor car fame) in Beeston, when Cripps is described as "of Humber, Cripps & Goddard".  For notes on the 'Humber Cripper' racing bike - named after Cripps - click HERE
  • 1897 Cripps listed as a cycle manufacturer with premises at 273 Arkwright Street, Nottingham, with a residential address at 26 Millicent Street West Bridgford
  • 1903 A Cripps-made motorcycle is amongst the first tranche of motor vehicles registered in Nottinghamshire (See below)
  • 1907 Business still located at Arkwright Street (See advert)
  • 1910 Business premises move to 31-61 Lower Parliament Street in Nottingham.  Aslo became involved in the motor car business as a retailer
  • 1965 Business remained at Lower Parliament Street until 1965


Charles Henry Sewell of 20 Hound Road, West Bridgford:- 2 1/2hp Cripps motorcycle weighing 112lbs licensed for private use.

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