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Page link: ARCHARD, Charles Josiah
ARCHARD, Charles Josiah
Author and Editor of 'The Newark Herald' newspaper
Page link: BIRD, Revd. George (1858 - 1941) [of Holme]
BIRD, Revd. George (1858 - 1941) [of Holme]
Poet and Vicar of Holme and Langford
Page link: DODSLEY, Robert [1703 -1764]
DODSLEY, Robert [1703 -1764]
Author of Mansfield
Page link: Harold Henry Sutton CUBLEY (1872 - 1930)
Harold Henry Sutton CUBLEY (1872 - 1930)
Author & Spiritualist of Retford
Page link: KITCHEN, Fred
Author of Edwinstowe & Worksop
Page link: Mary OLDHAM
Author and Librarian of Beeston and Southwell
Page link: MILLHOUSE, Robert (1788 - 1839)
MILLHOUSE, Robert (1788 - 1839)
"Artisan poet of Nottingham & the Burns of Sherwood Forest"
Page link: MORRIS, Katharine (1910 - 1999) [of Bleasby]
MORRIS, Katharine (1910 - 1999) [of Bleasby]
Writer of "gentle tales of rural England"
Page link: Romance at Radcliffe
Romance at Radcliffe
Romantic fiction author, Rona Randall, of Radcliffe-on-Trent
Page link: The Lost Village of Grimston
The Lost Village of Grimston
A Literary Perspective
Page link: THE VAMPYRE!
John William Polidori - creator of the literary vampyre!
Page link: ROSSETTI, Christina
ROSSETTI, Christina
Christina Rossetti in Notts: The Collinsons of Mansfield
Page link: WARNER, Tom : Poetry-on-Trent
WARNER, Tom : Poetry-on-Trent
Nottinghamshire poets are inspired by the River Trent
Category link: Byron
Click here to learn about Nottinghamshire's greatest poet
Category link: MEE, Arthur
MEE, Arthur
Stapleford's famous author and editor