Some Street Names of Newark

A map-based resource which aims to investigate how some of Newak's oldest streets got their names.

What can the names of streets tell us?

1. Look at the map of central Newark

2. Some of the street names in the centre of the town are made up of two words; in many cases the second word is 'Gate'

3. List 5 streets which end with ‘Gate’

(Kirk Gate, Middle Gate, Balderton Gate, Appleton Gate, Barnby Gate, Bar Gate, North Gate, Carter Gate)

4. What COULD the name ‘Gate’ mean?

   -  A gate across a street?

   - To describe the thing it leads to


SO- 'Balderton Gate' means “The road leading to Balderton”


5. Use the map to follow a road to see if it leads to anywhere called ‘Barnby’

6. Kirk Gate leads to….?  The church (sounds like Kirk)

Use a dictionary to look up the meaning of 'Kirk'

6. BUT – what about Middle Gate (= Middle Street)

                              Appleton Gate (=where apples grown)

                              Bar Gate (=where there was a bar ie gate across the street)

                              North Gate ?

                              Carter Gate


Your Street Names

1. What is the name of the street you live in / your school is in?

2. Can you find out why it is called that?

This information can be found by using the 'Street Index' files available at Newark Library (For use on the library only)

This resource was created by Newark Library (Nottinghamshire County Council), March 2014. 

For more information contact Tel. 0792 008 8982