Nottingham City: Specific areas of the City

Category link: Bilborough
from rural village to City suburb
Category link: Clifton
Originally a small village to the south of Nottingham, now probably best known for the large housing estate that was built in the 1950s - at that time the largest council estate in Europe
Category link: Hyson Green and the Forest Recreation Ground
Hyson Green and the Forest Recreation Ground
Location of the Hyson Green flats & the Forest Recreation Ground - current site of the Nottingham Goose Fair
Category link: Nottingham City Centre
Nottingham City Centre
History of the area around the Old Market Square
Category link: Radford
A small place with big connections - Alan Sillitoe, John Players Tobacco and Raleigh Bicycles
Category link: Sherwood and Carrington
Sherwood and Carrington
Once the southern tip of Sherwood Forest now thriving suburbs of Nottingham
Category link: Sneinton
Famous for Green's Windmill and as the birthplace of William Booth, Sneinton has a rich and fascinating history
Category link: St Ann's
St Ann's
Not far from Nottingham City Centre, this is a large urban area has an interesting history and some innovative allotment projects
Category link: The Meadows
The Meadows
History of the Meadows area of Nottingham
Category link: Wilford
An historic ferry crossing point for the River Trent
Category link: Wollaton
Formed around an ancient village and adjacent to Wollaton Hall and deer park. Former site of Wollaton colliery.