G - H Surnames

Page link: GABBITAS, T (of Worksop)
GABBITAS, T (of Worksop)
Sherwood Foresters
Page link: GODFREY, William [of Newark]
GODFREY, William [of Newark]
Private 1/8 Sherwood Foresters
Page link: GODSON, Edward [of Ossington]
GODSON, Edward [of Ossington]
Private, South Staffordshire Rgt.
Page link: GOSPEL, Edwin  [of Hucknall]
GOSPEL, Edwin [of Hucknall]
Driver, Royal Field Artillery
Page link: GRAHAME [of Hucknall]
GRAHAME [of Hucknall]
Royal Marine Artillery
Page link: GRANT, A. A. [of Newark]
GRANT, A. A. [of Newark]
Page link: GRAVENEY, Albert Edward John [of Newark]
GRAVENEY, Albert Edward John [of Newark]
Sgt, 305824, 2nd/8th Bn Sherwood Foresters
Page link: GRAY, Horace William [of Bingham]
GRAY, Horace William [of Bingham]
8th Btn Sherwood Foresters
Page link: GREEN, Frank [of Bingham]
GREEN, Frank [of Bingham]
Private, Yorkshire Regiment
Page link: GREEN, Frank [of Hucknall]
GREEN, Frank [of Hucknall]
Driver, Army Service Corps
Page link: GREEN, George (of Mansfield)
GREEN, George (of Mansfield)
Royal Fusiliers (sergeant)
Page link: GUMSLEY [of Newark}
GUMSLEY [of Newark}
A Patriotic family
Page link: HACKETT, Charles [of Bingham]
HACKETT, Charles [of Bingham]
Private, 50th Canadian Infantry
Page link: HACKETT, William [of Nottingham]
HACKETT, William [of Nottingham]
Nottinghamshire's 'Coal VC'
Page link: HALES, Revd. John Percy DSO, OBE, TD, MA [of Southwell]
HALES, Revd. John Percy DSO, OBE, TD, MA [of Southwell]
Chaplain 1/8th Bn. Sherwood Foresters
Page link: HALL, John Henry [of Farndon]
HALL, John Henry [of Farndon]
Private, 17th Btn., Sherwood Foresters
Page link: HALL, Tom [of Newark]
HALL, Tom [of Newark]
1st Sherwood Foresters
Page link: HANDLEY, Robert [of Claypole]
HANDLEY, Robert [of Claypole]
Pte., 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment
Page link: HARDY, W. [of Hucknall]
HARDY, W. [of Hucknall]
Temp. Capt., RGA
Page link: HARRIS, Frank [of Bingham]
HARRIS, Frank [of Bingham]
Private, Notts & Derbys Regt.
Page link: HARRISON, Charles Edgar (of Newark)
HARRISON, Charles Edgar (of Newark)
Sherwood Foresters 8th Btn.
Page link: HASLAM, C.  [of Hucknall]
HASLAM, C. [of Hucknall]
Private, East Lincolnshire Regiment
Page link: HASLAM, E.  [of Hucknall]
HASLAM, E. [of Hucknall]
Lance-Corporal, KRR
Page link: HAYWOOD Francis (of Nottingham)
HAYWOOD Francis (of Nottingham)
Sherwood Foresters
Page link: HAYWOOD, Joseph [of Hucknall]
HAYWOOD, Joseph [of Hucknall]
Cpl 12823, 1st Bn. Leicestershire regiment
Page link: HELLIWELL, Thomas Herbert [of Newark]
HELLIWELL, Thomas Herbert [of Newark]
Trooper 2922, 1st Life Guards
Page link: HENSHAW, Robert [of Bingham]
HENSHAW, Robert [of Bingham]
Corporal, South Notts Hussars
Page link: HENSHAW, Thomas [of Bingham]
HENSHAW, Thomas [of Bingham]
Lance Corporal, Grenadier Guards
Page link: HERAPATH, Frederick Walter [of Cotgrave]
HERAPATH, Frederick Walter [of Cotgrave]
Private 1898, 1st/8th Sherwood Foresters
Page link: HERAPATH, William James [of Cotgrave]
HERAPATH, William James [of Cotgrave]
L/Cpl 3253 1/8th Sherwood Foresters
Page link: HERROD, C [of Bathley]
HERROD, C [of Bathley]
Pte, 1st 5th Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
Page link: HICKMAN, Leonard [of Bingham]
HICKMAN, Leonard [of Bingham]
Rifleman, King's Royal Rifle Corps
Page link: HIGGINS, William [of Blidworth], Pte
HIGGINS, William [of Blidworth], Pte
WW1 1914-18 & Boer War 1898
Page link: HILL, Amos [of Bingham]
HILL, Amos [of Bingham]
Private, North Staffs Regt.
Page link: HIND, Percy [of Bingham)
HIND, Percy [of Bingham)
A/B, H.M.S. Inflexible
Page link: HINDLEY, Robert Muir (of Newark)
HINDLEY, Robert Muir (of Newark)
Royal Naval Reserve
Page link: HITCHCOX,  Francis Cecil
HITCHCOX, Francis Cecil
Pte., 1 Batt Royal Scots Fusiliers
Page link: HODSON, Cyril [of Warsop]
HODSON, Cyril [of Warsop]
Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 8th Btn.
Page link: HOPEWELL, Albert Edward [of Southwell]
HOPEWELL, Albert Edward [of Southwell]
First Southwell Territorial to be killed
Page link: HOUFTON family and World War 1
HOUFTON family and World War 1
Letters about the death of the son of Sir John Plowright Houfton
Page link: HOULDSWORTH, A. E. [of Hucknall]
HOULDSWORTH, A. E. [of Hucknall]
Captain, Army Service Corps
Page link: HUNT, Walter (of Nottingham)
HUNT, Walter (of Nottingham)
King's Liverpool Regiment (The Pioneers)
Page link: HUNT, Walter [of South Clifton]
HUNT, Walter [of South Clifton]
Lance-Corporal, King's Royal Rifle Corps
Page link: HUSKINSON, Patrick [of Farndon]
HUSKINSON, Patrick [of Farndon]
Royal Flying Corps, No.2 Squadron