C - D Surnames

Page link: CABOURN, Eric [of Bingham]
CABOURN, Eric [of Bingham]
Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
Page link: CAFFERATA, Clement Chamberlain [of Newark]
CAFFERATA, Clement Chamberlain [of Newark]
Duke of Connaught's Own 158th Bn (Canadian Army) & Canadian Forestry Corps
Page link: CAFFERATA, Herbert Percy [1889-1917]
CAFFERATA, Herbert Percy [1889-1917]
202793, Rifleman, 1/5th King's Liverpool Regiment
Page link: CARTLEDGE, G [of Hucknall]
CARTLEDGE, G [of Hucknall]
Sherwood Foresters
Page link: CHAMBERS, John  [of Sutton-on-Trent]
CHAMBERS, John [of Sutton-on-Trent]
Pte., 1st York & Lancaster Regt.
Page link: CHURCH, Thomas Walter (of Nottingham)
CHURCH, Thomas Walter (of Nottingham)
Sapper, 150th Company - Royal Engineers
Page link: COLLINS, S [of Hucknall]
COLLINS, S [of Hucknall]
Yeomanry Bandsman
Page link: CONWAY, J [of Hucknall]
CONWAY, J [of Hucknall]
Private 7th MB
Page link: COOKE,  George [of Bramcote]
COOKE, George [of Bramcote]
Private, 9th Scottish Rifles
Page link: COOKE, E.R. [of Nottingham]
COOKE, E.R. [of Nottingham]
Lance-corporal, Leicestershire regiment
Page link: COOLING, G H  (Pte)
His Last Wish
Page link: COPLEY, William R.  [of Newark]
COPLEY, William R. [of Newark]
Pte., 1st/8th Sherwood Foresters
Page link: COWDELL, Herbert [of Bingham]
COWDELL, Herbert [of Bingham]
Private, South Staffords
Page link: COY, E.C. [of Carlton]
COY, E.C. [of Carlton]
Sgt., 4 Coy 15Bn, 48th Canadian Highlanders
Page link: CREAMER, James William [of Mansfield]
CREAMER, James William [of Mansfield]
Pte. 4418 / L/Cpl. 306440 Notts & Derby (Sherwood Forsters)
Page link: CREE, Bert [of Farndon & Balderton]
CREE, Bert [of Farndon & Balderton]
35448 Driver, Army Service Corps
Page link: CROSS, W [of Hucknall]
CROSS, W [of Hucknall]
Private, RAMC
Page link: CUDDY, Sidney [of Bingham]
CUDDY, Sidney [of Bingham]
Private, Northumberland Fusiliers
Page link: D'HOOGHE family (of Nottinghamshire)
D'HOOGHE family (of Nottinghamshire)
All served their king and country.
Page link: D'HOOGHE, Jack (of Nottingham)
D'HOOGHE, Jack (of Nottingham)
19053 Lance Corporal 7th Suffolks
Page link: D'HOOGHE, Jim (of Nottinghamshire)
D'HOOGHE, Jim (of Nottinghamshire)
17964 Private 20th Hussars
Page link: D'HOOGHE, Leonard (of Nottinghamshire)
D'HOOGHE, Leonard (of Nottinghamshire)
15384 Gunner Royal Field Artillery
Page link: DARWIN, George [of Clayworth]
DARWIN, George [of Clayworth]
Pte, Notts & Derbys Regt.
Page link: DAWES, Frank [of Gunthorpe]
DAWES, Frank [of Gunthorpe]
South Notts Hussars
Page link: DEAKIN, Harry [of Hucknall]
DEAKIN, Harry [of Hucknall]
Pte., 2nd Bn. Grenadier Guards
Page link: DERRY, John [of Bingham]
DERRY, John [of Bingham]
Private, 78th Canadian Infantry
Page link: DERRY, William (of Newark)
DERRY, William (of Newark)
1st Bn. Australian Infantry
Page link: DIMOCK, John F. D. (of Retford)
DIMOCK, John F. D. (of Retford)
Sherwood Foresters
Page link: DIXON, Henry [of Mansfield]
DIXON, Henry [of Mansfield]
Pte. 123300, 1st Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys)
Page link: DOLEMAN, Robert [of FARNDON]
Gunner, Royal Field Artillery
Page link: DUNSMORE, Joseph [of Bingham]
DUNSMORE, Joseph [of Bingham]
Private, Notts & Derbys Regt.